Sunday, 25 January 2009

UAE Bhagnari Holi Party - 5th March 2009

This year's Holi party will be held in J W Marriott. Although Holi is more towards the week-end of 12th March, the hall was already booked for this date.

A meeting was held on 21st to discuss the arrangements. The usual suspects Ramesh, Subash, Varsha, Kiran, Ridhi, Soni and Seema attended the meeting. Mala and Anil could not attend. Satish has opted out from this year's organisation due to personal reasons.

Entrance fee of AED 90 was decided to ensure that all the expenses are met without a shortfall, especially as not many sponsors are expected this year. Inspite of this the intentions are to have a fun-filled party with lots of attractions (these are under wraps and kept as a surprise).

Following the meeting a circular was issued to all the Bhagnaris in the UAE. We now await response from the participants and hope to reach a minimum attendance of 150.

As emphasised by Misha during the previous party, which was held last year for Diwali, we need young blood to come forward and hold various events. So far there has not been much of a response. Youngsters, wake up, come forward and take some responsibilities.............

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  1. Hi Ramesh,

    Bhagnaris Holi Party is a good idea and I hope that we will get a good response this time as usual.