Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Mahesh Nasta runs Seattle Marathon

Mahesh Nasta possibly became the first Bhagnari to complete a full Marathon over a distance of 26.2 miles. He participated in the Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon on 27th June and completed the gruelling race in 5 hrs 16 min. Basically running at a steady pace of 5 miles an hour for a llittle over 5 hours.

20,000 runners from 14 countries ran the full and 1/2 marathons. 5,618 of them completed the full marathon, which was won by Kenyan Peter Omae. Mahesh was placed a creditable 386th in the 40-44 age category.

Mahesh underwent an intensive 16 week training program, averaging 20 miles every week, during which time he lost a lot of weight. He felt a little sore for a day after the race, but is feeling fine now. Fortunately the weather was good through the course of the run and the huge crowd, which was almost 4 levels deep, kept cheering the runners. There were 18 live bands (in keeping with the name of this marathon) performing at every mile. All this was for a good cause, as the event raised USD 3.7 millions for 5 different charities. There was also indirect fund raising by many participants.

Mahesh is settled in Dallas with his wife Sherry and two daughters Nikita and Sanaya. He has been working for Microsoft for the past 15 years.

Keep running, Mahesh.....we hope that your feat inspires other Bhagnaris to run in marathons, especially for charities!!!


  1. Well done Mahesh. This is a history of sort.....1st Bhagnari to run full marathon!!!

  2. Well Done Mahesh.....ur inspiring me to participate in the next Marathon. :)

  3. MACHI,,,



  4. machi

    kya bhat hai....u hv surpassed(suprised)everyone

    great keep it up.


  5. Go for it Heren! It is much easier than it seems. There is a Mumbai Marathon on Jan 17th 2010 raising money for several charities. This website has more details -


  6. Well done Mahesh,how about you coming down for the Mumbai Marathon??

  7. Bravo Mahesh Great achievement & participation
    Keep it up, God Bless,
    Best Wishes from Kishore Gehi & family

  8. I am so proud of your achievement.Keep going.Love,AANCHAL.

  9. Man! Great................Must have been a great achievement 4 u as well.

    1. hi, can u give me his contact no. in usa as i am his friend in dubai.
      ghansham 0554703355

  10. Thank you all. This has been a great experience and can now be checked off the bucket list. :) Unfortunately, we can only come to Mumbai during Jun-Aug due to the the kids school schedule else I would love to participate in the Mumbai Marathon. Hopefully some day!

    Thanks again,

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