Saturday, 12 September 2009

Community website has 500 members now

Kanchan Bhagnari from Dubai, UAE became the 500th member of the community website. This is an occasion to be proud of for the whole community whose members are spread across several countries.

The website was started almost two years ago and ever since it has kept its members informed of the latest community news. Earlier this year a blog site was started to highlight the achievement of the youngsters and provide avenue to creative writers to express their views.

500 members may seem a lot, but in a community of almost 2000, even accounting for the fact that small children and elderly Bhagnaris may not be able to register, we should have at least 1000 members. I must confess that getting 500 members to register has not been easy. It has required all possible innovative ways to influence the community members to register to the website. A country-wise breakdown reveals that maximum members are from UAE, where I live presently. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed with the membership from India, where more effort is required. I feel the community members have to realise that the future of communications is through internet and we must utilise its full potential to stay connected.

Country-wise breakdown of members:
- Australia – 5
- Bahrain – 3
- Barbados – 1
- Brazil – 1
- Canada – 12
- Hongkong – 2
- India – 117
- Jamaica – 1
- Kuwait – 5
- Oman – 2
- Sri Lanka – 1
- Uganda – 1
- UAE – 285
- UK – 3
- USA - 61

I would like to seek the support of Bhagnaris living in the above countries to spread a word about the community website and emphasise that it is a great avenue to remain updated with the latest community news.

This is also an appropriate occasion to thank all the members for their support in keeping both the websites humming. A word of special thanks to the following who have supported the website financially:

Through advertisements:
- Al Anwaar Golden Jewelers, Dubai (Rajesh Popley)
- Al Darweesh Electronics LLC, Dubai (Ashish Gind)
- Saidham Restaurant, Dubai (Lalit Nagpal)

Through contributions:
- Bhagnari Panchayat
- A well-wisher from Dubai

As compared to a static website, running a dynamic websites is expensive. Although I incur the costs initially, financial support from the above named has helped to cover the cost of developing the website and the maintenance and hosting costs for the first two years. As the third year’s maintenance/hosting costs of Rs. 20,000 have already been incurred in advance by me, I look forward to continued support from the members to cover this shortfall. My original plan was to garner enough funds through advertisements to pay for the website costs and use the surplus funds for charity. With your support, I hope to achieve this objective also.

Please feel free to express your views to improve our means of communication and help us in achieving our mission – Uniting the emerging Bhagnaris under one roof.

Ramesh Poplay


  1. Please feel free to express your views to improve our means of communication and help us in achieving our mission – Uniting the emerging Bhagnaris under one roof.

  2. Ramesh,
    Kudos to you for uniting the bhagnaris on cyberspace. I totally credit you for being the sole architect of this endeavour.
    Keep it up! God Bless!
    Duru(meena sadani)

  3. Thanks for keeping us Bhagnaris connected.

  4. can we post a list of all members worldwide

  5. Its available in the phone list on the home page.

  6. when one remains connected to his point of origin, he flourishes. take a flower and remove it from earth - it withers. when connected to earth, it grows and blossoms. take out a fish from water and it will die. take away children from their parents and they will loose the right to be loved, cared and receive affection.
    similarly bhagnaris when connected thru your created website will always find themselves close to their near and dear ones and will remain happy. you deserve full credit for establishing this connectivity and it appears like our late mr. takandas kataria you will also leave behind a legacy of nyaat seva for future generations. you are assured of full support from all of us.

  7. Hariom

    ramesh, this was a great effort on your part and to do it single-handed... hats off to you.

    i wish we had more socially focussed people like u.

    keep it up.

    all i would like to add is the younger generation should take up some of this, and they too will get a great sense of satisfaction, and people will remember it in the future.

    goebless and hariom

    jai bhagnaris

  8. dear ramesh ,u have truely encircled bhagnaries throught world.I hope thru your efforts Bhagnaries living in same city or country, will establish contacts with themselves and form Bhagnary group, That is my vision.God bless u in your efforts.LACHU GEHI
    21 dec 2011