Saturday, 6 November 2010


On the occasion of her first death anniversary, we remember our Mom and pay tribute to all she has done. She was a great soul...a very caring and loving mother who loved all her children immensely and always prayed for their well-being and success in life. She sacrificed a lot raising all the kids alone while our Dad worked abroad in Kuwait and it was only after many years that she was able to join him in Kuwait...They both had a wonderful life in Kuwait and were very active in social and religious circles, especially the Hindu temple where she sang melodious Bhajans at the request of the listeners. Whenever Swami Chinmayananada visited Kuwait, she often offered Biksha at her home where one is required not only to dedicate meals to visiting Sanyasis but to a number of other devotees accompanying Swamiji.

She was a great cook and all her family and friends from Kuwait will vouch for that. It was unfortunate that she was paralyzed for more than 25 years of her life and as a result used to be very depressed at times. The fact that she left so soon after our Dad left is proof that they both loved each other very much and were inseparable…We hope that they are both together in peace in eternity…

Missed by her children Asha, Prakash /Anita and Rajesh/Jayshree..., grand children, relatives and friends…

On her first death anniversary the 5th of November, we all pray to God and offer Shradanjali so that her divine soul may rest in peace…


  1. In Kuwait, she gracefully volunteered in Temple and Chinmaya Mission activities. Whenever Swami Chinmayananda or any other Sanyasi from the Chinmaya Mission conducted Geeta Gnan Yagna, she took pleasure in inviting them for the Bhiksha serving meals to him and the accompanying devotees. Our sincere tributes to her and pray God to grant her place in his heavenly abode with unending bliss.

    Rima and Prem Sadani

  2. A MOM is always special & irreplaceable & so it was with my mum who exuded all the qualities of a loving & caring parent. Throughout our growing years she has to share her time between looking after my dad in Kuwait & providing tender loving care to her children in Bombay. May she lie peacefully in her heavenly abode. Her Loving son, Prakash.

  3. AANCHAL SANJAY ALREJA12 November 2010 at 13:39

    I didnt know your mother too well personally, however, from what you have written she must have been very enduring and virtuous.
    We offer our tribute in this very small way.