Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Kunal Jham develops application for iPhone

Kunal Jham, one of the promising Bhagnari youngsters has developed an application for iPhone and he and his family are very excited that it has been accepted by iPhone. Its a matter of great pride for the community that its youngsters are coming to the forefront of IT technology. Are we about to witness a Bhagnari Sabeer Bhatia, who created Hotmail.

The application is named DoGood. For more details and to download it on iPhones visit

We asked Kunal about the background and the inspiration for developing this application. His response was "Our story so far has been a pretty interesting one. It began with an experimental “Mobile Development for iPhone and Android” course at the University of Michigan. The class was a hit, producing many great apps and quickly acclimatising many students to Objective C. From this experience, we decided to try our hand at entrepreneurship. We formed an LLC and got invited into the TechArb, a business incubator for University of Michigan students.

That was only three weeks ago. And now we’re at Apple’s World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) to launch our app and make it grow.

So, why did we choose DoGood? Well, while popular, the app store is quite saturated. Thus, we wanted to make something unique. An iPhone application that screams altruism; one that we hope stands out for its simplicity and ability to positively impact society."

A "DoGood" is a simple act of kindness - one that requires minimal amount of time for an individual who owns iPhone and is intended to become part of a bigger movement. Your decision to do something good today, reaches millions of iPhone users.

Here are some examples of DoGoods:

a) Show gratitude today - "Thank someone that works hard to make your day possible."
b) Save paper today - "Use your computer instead of paper. Together, we'll save a lot of trees."
c) Be positive today - "Think positive, speak positive. Show someone the brighter side of life!"

Let's DoGood together and encourage Kunal to bring more glory to Bhagnaris.


  1. Keep going Kunal, sky is also not the limit. God bless you.

  2. Congratulations Kunal... Besides your family, all bhagnaris are proud of your achievement.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best regards
    Ramesh & Asha Gehani

  3. Deepa Bhagnari14 June 2009 at 12:10

    Congratulations Kunal, Anil & Mala....A proud moment for all of you....God Bless..

    Moti & Deepa Bhagnari

  4. Well done!


  6. Congratulations Kunal, Anil & Mala ....Well done!

    Madhu & Sunder

  7. We are very happy to see our young bhagnari blood being capable of such high achievement
    Congratulations Kunal
    Gulab/Sujata Kanar

  8. Very Good work

    Looks promising!

    Ashok Bhagnari
    Vancouver Canada

  9. superb. a moment of great pride for all bhagnaris.

    mubrook to you and your parents.

    we look forward to more news from other bhagnari
    youngsters. i am forwarding this email to my
    sons in pune and melbourne.

    rajan and bhavna mehta

  10. Congrats Kunal! God bless you always and may you aim higher & achieve more always.
    Love, Anita Massi & Seema

  11. Super job Kunal! Your achievement is a feather in the cap not just for the Bhagnari community but for all young people. In these trying times your DoGood idea is so full of hope and promise that it is sure to catch on fast. Good luck in all your future endeavors.
    Bina Batlivala

  12. Congrats Kunal. Keep it up.wish u gr8 sucessssss..Mahesh n Ridhi.

  13. Absolutely delighted...You have made every Bhagnari so proud...keep up the good work...May you meet success at every step.

    Best wishes.

    Padmini Arora

  14. Thanks for all the kind words, guys. There's so much more that needs to be done. As one of many young bhagnaris, it is our responsibility to make a difference and work hard towards a brighter future. DoGood is one step in that direction.

    Take care, everyone.


  15. Fantastic idea! Well done Kunal!