Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sonam is holding Art and Dance classes for Bhagnaris in Dubai

...........these are some of our initiatives to bring Dubai Bhagnaris together.

Click Here for a peak into Sonam's work.

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  1. I must say that who ever has seen Sonam perform during the holi party and would want to dance like her or would like their children to dance like her..then this is a gr8 opportunity. But Sonam is far more talented than just dancing. She also has a beautiful hand at art and i can endorse it because, I am one of her student.

    Yes folks, we send our children to several places and all they learn is copy draw, when we do not see improvement, we just stop sending our children or send them to another class.

    But Sonam teaches with a difference, she teaches the techniques of drawing, she understands your strenghts and works on your weakness, which no other class teaches.

    So, please do not loose the opporuntity, she is really fantastic..!! And am proud that i've such a young and brilliant Bhagnari teacher..!!