Thursday, 17 June 2010

Three Pairs of Eyes - A beautiful expression by Aashna Nasta

One of Aashna's poems was published in Femina recently. She has expressed her thoughts very well and feels that Women are often referred to as complicated and twisted. But this is because women look at themselves from 3 different perspectives - mirror, microscope and binoculars. This is a poem about these 3 views - 3 pairs of eyes. Here is the poem>>>>

Three pairs of Eyes
I try to search myself and try to seek answers,
I look beneath my joys and fears,
I strain myself to see
What actually makes me?
I answer surveys about my tastes
What I hate or like best
They are supposed to tell me,
Traits about my personality
This is my introspection,
Better explained as self-inspection;
But the mirror on the wall displays
My features the other way
The reflection is the next pair,
What often obstructs is the glare
Prevents me from seeing
What the mirror is showing
I’m often afraid of the image it may display
I may not like it that way,
However I know it’s true,
It’s showing me myself, not you
Then I stand into the shoes of another,
Whose opinions I don’t bother,
But this time I need to know,
So I’m going to stand and watch the show.
It’s a completely neutral view,
When I’m not in my own shoes
It’s a different person I see
I’m skeptical if it’s me
Three pairs of eyes
They see nobody but me
But yet they see different sights,
Like photographs taken in different lights

Aashna received the following commendation from Femina:

Dear Aashna

We are exceptionally pleased to inform you that your poem “Three pairs of
Eyes” has been featured in our ‘READERS POST’ section on the site.
Here is the link to your poem:

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