Monday, 19 July 2010

Mahesh Gehani honoured as a rising star of Dallas Business Community

Mahesh Gehani was recently honoured as rising star in the Dallas business community. Each year the Dallas Business Journal selects 40 honorees under the age of 40. This year Mahesh was selected, when the program included Dallas business' brightest person from each major industry in the city, including, an international social networking guru, a frozen yogurt entrepreneur, a commercial real estate developer carrying on his family tradition, and a researcher working to cure breast cancer. In addition to that they must have performed community service.

Mahesh graduated from University of Maryland and got his masters degree from University of Texas at Austin. He now works as Director of Credit at Nexbank. His idols are Marc Faber and Bill Gross who see things in the financial world as they are and not as they would like them to be. His greatest challenge has been to incorporate networking and long term perspective of business into his career trajectory. His motto is to be persistent and never give up. His keys to success are high work ethic and to treat others well. He would like to be known as a genuine person perceived as being thorough and open-minded about what he does.

As a part of community service he recently completed 100 km bike ride to raise funds for American Diabetes Association. He is also involved with Youth America Foundation, working with at-risk middle school kids, to get them thinking about college. He plans to develope its strtegic plan going forward. He has contributed in different other roles, e.g. as board member of CFA society of Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Bhagnari community is proud of Mahesh and wish him success in his future endeavours.


  1. Congratulations Mahesh. Bhagnari community is proud of you and we wish you many more laurels in future.

  2. congratulations mahesh, we are proud of you. keep doing the good work. love mom and dad

  3. That is the wonderful news. You have made us proud Mahesh. Keep it up. We look forward to more milestone Mahesh. God bless you.

    Rima and Prem Sadani

  4. We are much honored to have star like you in our extended family of Sadani Khandaan
    Vishnu Sadani

  5. it feels great and nice to see young bhagnaris
    reach new heights. congratulations.
    keep up the good work and make your parents and
    community proud of your continued achievements.
    best wishes and good luck
    rajan t mehta

  6. Suresh D. Gehi, CPA24 July 2010 at 19:59

    Congratulations Mahesh on your recent achievement. It feels good to know that you are on your way to dizzying heights in the financial sector.

    Suresh D. Gehi, CPA
    Sugar Land, TX

  7. May you see new heights of sucess and glories. Garva se bolo ki hum "BHGANARI HAIN"
    Vishal L mehata and family

  8. Mahesh, you are going to be source of inspiration for the young generations. We applaud your recent achievement and wish you many more.

    Nita and Raju Jham

  9. It is always great to learn that someone from our community, which is relatively very small, reach the milestone and see the heights of success. Mahesh, you are one such example whom our younger generation will look forward for guidance.

    Well done indeed.

    Poonam and Ashok Sadani

  10. Thank you all very much for the kind words..every great journey begins with small steps...thanks to all of you for supporting me and to the broader community for nurturing young Bhagnaris and giving them a sense of purpose.

    Mahesh Gehani